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Name and address: Polly Seba Kendra (CRS)


(Speaker Abdul Karim Sarak)




Mobile: 01740-882995, 01679-444848.



  1. Contact Person:                                     Muhammed Sayed Parvez (Tuhin)


  1. Registration status: (I) Registration no: MA-0339, Department of Social Welfare

Dated: 02-01-1985

(II)  Bank Account No: S-1210004546-6, Sonali Bank,

Jamalpur Branch, Jamalpur.


  1. Goal of CRS: “To Promote the socio-economic status of distressed & disabled people

through employment and assist them to establish their right and make an

ideal society.”

  1. Objectives: To reach the goal the following objectives are considered as a vital part of program activities:
    • Increase additional Income of the target families through woman’s involvement in income generation activities in all spares.
    • Increase literacy rate within the working areas.
    • Improve health status of the community people through preventive and curative Health Care Services such as Counseling on HIV/AIDS.
    • Increase Family Planning acceptors rate within the working areas.
    • Improved agricultural livelihood through development of Fisheries. Livestock & Agricultural farming activities.
    • Establish Training institute to ventilate training facilities on skill training such as nakshi kantha, mirror work, cane and bamboo work, embroidery, sewing, paper flower making, fruit processing and so far.
    • Decrease disaster mitigation and ensure relief supports among the victims.
    • Development of Child & Women rights in the locality.




08.1.a: Experiences in Education Program:

Education sector is one of the most important and on going programs of CRS because nothing is alternative of education and education is the backbone of a nation. The education rate of rural areas is poor than city areas. CRS works in the remotest areas and most of the guardians are poor and marginal farmers. Due to poverty parents could not provide necessary clothes, proper diets, school fees to their children. So that children can’t go to schools regularly. For the improvement of primary education, eradication of illiteracy and increase the literacy rate within the working areas, CRS has designed its education sector into two parts such as:

  1. Support to Primary Education:
  2. Implementation of NFE program:

08.1.b: Support to Primary Education: To increase Literacy rate in the Project areas of CRS

      Initiatives have been taken since its inception of program activities. The objectives of Support to Primary Education as follows: –

–     To build awareness of the parents for child Literacy.

  • Follow up of the school going children
  • Ensure educational materials among the students
  • To make the target illiterate families literate if they can at least

read and write and keep family income and expenditure accounts.


08.2: Motivational work health, medical campaign, nutrition & family planning:

CRS believe that if health is not good no work win be performed property. Keeping the slogan Health for all CRS has started integrated health program and medical campaign within the target families. Objectives of integration health program:


  • To make the people of operation area aware about health.
  • To campaign medical and medicine for target families.
  • To educate about water and sanitation.
  • To educate about sexual transmitted diseases and provide Family Planning Knowledge and supply of contraceptives to the family planning users.
  • To provide primary treatment to the poor patients.
  • To educate on Nutrition Education.
  • To advice the pregnant mothers and to provide the TOT


08.3 :  Experiences in Water & Sanitation Program : Since CRS aim at improvement of total life and living especially in the rural areas the issues of health. Hygiene sanitation, use of safe water is adequately assessed through different programs interventions including non-formal education program. Some programs are particularly aimed at creation of awareness among the people about the essentials needs and benefits as also the ways and means of the use of safe water. Sanitary latrines, motivation of the people for their behavioral changes and also to encourage and assist them in sinking tube-wells, construction of sanitary latrines, etc. In addition to the above mentioned interventions and activities in the water and implementing project on improvement of Water and Sanitation condition of the project areas of CRS since starting this program. Achievement of the project during the year under report is shown in the table below. To ensure use of safe water and sanitary latrine in the project areas.



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Activities Achievement
Small group meetings by motivators 128
Monthly large group meetings 176
Medical  Campaign 288
Medicine Supply 2,88,000/-
Social elite consultation meetings 18
GO+NGO Coordination meetings 10
Poster distribution 250
Organization of Cultural Program 01
No. of Beneficiaries  Selected for Sanitary 350
No. of Beneficiaries  Provided Sanitary- latrine (Ring and Slab) distribution For sanitary latrine 260
Training of Area coordinators and supervision 06
Refresher for Motivator 12
Beneficiaries Training 78
School program on water and Sanitation 07
Slab ring distribution 550
Community Management Workshop 01

0.84) Training on Skill Development: Training is most essential for any development work. The target group members are made conscious through training. Every human has some hidden qualities and knowledge. Through training- those hidden knowledge can be revealed. A group member can do work but cannot do in organized way. So he/she should be taught teaching to do that work in organized ways and promptly. Training is an ongoing learning process in development and these learning are essential for every one. Considering this CRS arrange training Session for the Routine Maintenance Group Members.


CRS included trades and occupational skill development training for the selected group members, before providing Credit Support. Group members were entitled to attend 03 days training course on individual trade so that after having the credit money group member can utilize the credit money efficiently and in profitable way.

084)      a) Training Sessions conducted by CRS.

  1. Social Awareness Rising & Women Development Training.
  2. Leadership Development Training.
  • Group Accounts & Record Keeping Training.
  1. Mother & Child Health Care Training:
  2. Family Management & Cooking Balanced Food Training
  3. Environment Awareness Raising Training:
  • Preventive Health Care Training:
  • Credit Utilization:
  1. Handicrafts Training:
  2. BCC



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08.4.b) Training Facilities of CRS: It is one of most significant initiatives of CRS training facilities is available its all Unit Offices in which producers Group members, Group Leaders, Group members and CRS development workers are trained up regularly. Producer group members are getting continuous on the job training from the training centers CRS. Two Sessions could be arranged at a time including 60 participants with proper accommodation. Relevant training materials are also available here. Training aid available:

  • Guidelines/ Curriculum
  • White Board and Clip Board
  • Picture
  • Camera
  • Pen (Writing & Marker), Note Book, Bags & File Folders
  • Eared


08.4c) Human Resources Development and Training: To increase Skill of beneficiaries CRS has been providing training on the following ways:-


08.4d) Human Development Training: Training plays is an important role in socio-economic development area. Because the workers and the beneficiaries should be trained enough to implement different development activities. So training program is most essential for an organization. The targeted people are made conscious through the staff. Every human has some hidden qualities and knowledge but due to some circumstances he could not reveal these knowledge and qualities. So, though training this hidden knowledge can be revealed. A worker can do that work in organized ways and promptly. We think, Training is a learning process that is essential for every one. Considering these CRS arranges different training programs of the beneficiaries and staff members.


Goals and object of Human resources development and training sector:


  • To reveal the hidden qualities and knowledge of the human being.
  • To facilitate to gain skills.
  • To bring out strategically change in development.
  • To organize the target people.
  • To facilitate to create new leaders.
  • To change the attitudes of the people.
  • To introduction new development techniques among the beneficiaries.

To achieve the above goal the following activities were undertaken by CRS                                                           Training sector:

  • Skill development Training.
  • Livestock and Veterinary Development Training.
  • Skill training on Fish Farming, Agriculture, Livestock.
  • High tech technology and motivation training for the farmers.







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08.5) Environmental Preservation (Nursery & Social forestation):

For maintaining ecological balance and source of supplementary income total 1200 group member (400 yearly) are provided saplings of amber: fuel and fruit trees for undertaking home based forestation. Before sapling distribution short orientation training about plantation, caring and nursing are provided to the group members. Program staffs are responsible for supervision follow-up and monitoring. Accordingly we have planned to distribute saplings among 300 members.


08.6) Gender Development (Women Rights Preservation):

CRS believe that human rights deal with human necessity for “expression”, “creativity” and conviviality for deciding own density. It books critically into the socio-economic, political and cultural system, which directly or indirectly influence the life of the suffering humility. Human Rights Preservation concept strongly considers that poverty and disadvantages stem from the unequal socio-economic and political power. It is rather an unequal socio-economic and political power. It is rather an unequal participation in making decisions where determines the direction of the society.


Objects of human rights preservation:


  • To promote participatory democracy at grass level.
  • To motivate the grass-root people to establish people oriented decision-making system.
  • To educate the grass root people as they can realize the strength of people as the power of development.
  • Building peoples awareness of their situation and rights.
  • Building peoples organization.
  • Exercising collective action and activity.

To attain the above objectives the following activities were undertaken by CRS.

  • Provide legal aid and legal right education.
  • Establish legal network cell on legal aid and legal education.
  • Ensure advocacy among the CRS target families.
  • Ensure paralegal training among CRS target families.





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08.7) CRS Experiences in Awareness buildup Group formation, rising saving fund & group dynamism:


CRS believe that Social, Economical, Religion and Human Development may be achieved with the discussion and participation of the local people. It also believes that after motivation individuals will make group. To create unity among the have not distressed woman, CRS followed up through thread base discussion with the local people to form group of 25 members. Each core groups were sub-divided into sub groups of 5 members. CRS monitor group member’s passbook against their savings regular meeting, rising saving found & issue-based discussion book, saving book & cashbook.


So, CRS has been organizing small groups with people from the deprived, neglected, landless, marginal farmers, divorced widow, and abandoned and destitute women. CRS has been motivating and conscious raising these people to develop their socio-economic condition, CRS believe that greater changes of the Society may be possible through joint actions and efforts.

Objectives of the CRS formation:

  • To organize the disadvantaged people of the society, specially the women.
  • To develop active & critical mentality, savings tendency etc.
  • To motivate and educate the people through weekly meetings and discussing different topics.


The following activities were undertaken to attain the objectives.

  • Women Group formation.
  • Motivate the target families for regular savings.
  1. Communication, motivation & member selection: For the proper identification and selection of the women member to involve in Routine Maintenance Work. CRS project staffs visited to the house hold/homes of the target group member and after clear understanding and the role and objectives of routine maintenance work among the members.


  1. Follow-up of Organize weekly group meeting: As per convenience of the group members & for the smooth functioning of the group activities CRS staffs ensured regular weekly group meeting. In this meeting CRS staffs provided topics on social awareness raising on Health & Nutrition education course, Family planning, Income- generating activates, etc.


  1. Follow up of Savings collection: For the creation of individual’s own capital CRS staffs orated Savings Scheme with efficiently. All the members deposited savings at the time to weekly meeting with the rate of savings TK 10/- which was determined with the consent of the group members. Field Staffs of ensured in colleting the savings. Putting record in individual’s passbook and depositing in the Bank A/C timely manner.


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08.8) Income Generation through Micro-Credit Support:

Poverty in Bangladesh is a multi faceted phenomenon. Its many facets include low income, vulnerability to income erosion and lack of capacity to absorb shocks. It is about food security as much as it is about ownership of assets and about quality of life as much as it is about human resources. It is because of each of these and all of these together that the over all poverty situations here in Bangladesh are not only dismal but has a tendency to perpetuate. More than 45% of the total population of about 130 million lives in poverty of which 25% are in extreme poverty until and unless the poverty cycle is broken all our efforts towards national development will be frustrated. For this reason CRS has developed an elaborate integrated and comprehensive program of poverty alleviation through income generation institution building.


CRS revolving fund created out of its own resources and donors finance is used for credit offering. These enable the borrowers- all CRS program beneficiaries to undertake income generation activities aiming at poverty alleviation. Beneficiaries organized in saving/cooperative/development groups initiate income generation activities. In these groups the members accumulate their thrift saving. Pool them for utilization in income generation activities either individually of in cooperation with others in the group. Members are also provided with micro-credit from CRS for undertaking income generation activities; following label shows year   achievement of CRS.


Under the credit program provisions were made for training of members were trained on leadership skill and skill development. 80 of the members were trained on leadership development and 290 members were given training on skill development in various trades. Training was provided to 15 staff for improvement of their efficiency.



09: Project Management structure of CRS: The Executive Committee of CRS is responsible of decision-making and also the supreme authority for under taking any project. The programs will be implemented by the overall guidance of Chairman, the Executive Director will march. Considering the enormous need of various Upazilas and demands of CRS programming activates, CRS has established several Branch Offices. Executive Director is responsible to look after unit wise performance. Accordingly for the effective supervision and monitoring of CRS programming activities at the grass root level worker, Supervisors are employed.






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For smooth implementation of CRS development activates Sector wise Coordinators such as (Coordinator education. Coordination IGA, Human Development & I raining) are also assigned. For skill development or field staffs the post to the I Rainer also developed who are responsible for arrange, conduct intervention wise training session in the different unit offices.


Besides programming activities, to keep the financial status updated of CRS Accountant Head Office, Accountant Projected Office & Unit Offices employed whose responsibilities are too keep the financial status updated and to support in administrative work of the Director Implementation. In a nutshell CRS staff handling process is very appreciable for the friendly manner of all the supervisory level officials.


Present staff position of CRS stated below: –


SL. No Designation Number of employee Total
Male Female
01. Chairman 01 01
02. Executive Director 01 01
03. Project Director 01 01
04. Chief Coordinator 01 01
05. Project Coordinator 01 01
06. Project Manager 0 01 01
07. Supervisor Credit 02 01 03
08. Accountant 01 01
09. Program Organizer 01 04 05
10. Peon/ Messenger 01 01


10:       Audits and accounts: CRS is a prosperous nation building organization. It has been implemented various development activities with the direct support of Govt. Donors and its own fund. To keep the updated financial statement Accounts section always preserves current statement of income & expenditure properly followed by standard accounting system. At the end each project year CRS regularly & timely complete the annual audit report firstly prioritized the Govt. Department of Social Services and secondly by the govt. authorized Audit farm. For the improvement of financial control & management system. CRS appointed Chartered Accountant farms to regular annual audit of the books and accounts of our program. The reports are submitted-to the donor in due time.








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10.a) Audit system: For the improvement of financial control & management system of CRS, appointed Chartered Accountant farms for regular annual audit of the books and accounts of the program. The said report are submitted to donors in due time.


10.b) Accounts system: For the smooth functioning of the project activities all saris of bank Accounts of CRS have been maintained with joint signatory system the authorized signatory powered personnel of the chairman, the Executive Director & Director Finance. All sorts of voucher or advances are to place in the executive committee mocking and according to the approval of the meeting money is withdrawn from the Bank accounts by the signature of the two authorized personnel.


10.c) Bank Account Operational arrangement: The Accounts has maintaining by joint signatories of the chairman, the Executive Director & Director Finance.


Name of the bank:   Sonali Bank,

Jamalpur Principal Branch


Account No.            :           S-1210004546-6

Office equipment and materials:

*          No. Of File Cabinet                                                    : 06

*          No. of Almirrah                                                          :01

*          No. of Motor Cycle                                                    :02

*          No. of Bicycle                                                             :08

*          Table                                                                           :12

*          Chair                                                                           :28

*          Other: Display Board. Flip chart on Health & IGA   related training: Sufficient number.

*          Office Space (total area in sq. meter)                         : 2286 sq. meter.