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CG step to save delivery

 1111 CG step to save delivery

Rojina Khatun lives in the village of Dohkula at Mohanpur union in Ullahpara Upazila under Sirajganj district. . Her husband name is Kader Mia; His economical status is low- middle income level. She is living within the catchment area of the Dohkula CC.They are passing 02 years wed life, but not yet become mother. In this regard she adopt baby. In the mean time she become pregnant and CHV Anjona Khatun  entry her name in the register and conducted usual counseling to her and family addressed about pregnancy care rest time, additional foods and others managements including ANC checkup.. She conducted ANC check up by doctor who identified few problems and suggested that normal delivery may not be possible for her. Anjona  Khatun continued arranged her regular visit. Last on 29.10.15 labor pain started and her family was waiting for newborn but they could not arrange for transportation. CHV and CG members accompany to her family for arranging transportation to reach the Ullahapara Bengal Clinic for safe delivery. Doctors firstly keep observation then they arranged C-section and she finally, gave birth of a son. Rojina and her family are very glad and express their thanks to Anjona and CG members for providing support in such critical period that helped to conduct safe delivery on that day.

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