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At last Irin escape from child marriage

untitled-1-1-300x225At last Irin escape from child marriage  

Irin reads in class eight at Sengua high school with good result. She is fourteen years old . Her father name is Alfas Uddin mother name is Aklima Begum. She lives in Sengua village of Saishabari Upazila under Jamalpur district. Her family condition is not good. Only her father is an earning member of the family. In this situation, her family is trying to arrange marriage for Irin. In the mean time one family of korogram village (Besides her village) was interested   to establish relation through the given marriage. Irin realized that, her family arranged marriage without any consider of choice or proper age. She knew that, Sumi apa (CHV) has been working to stop child marriage in the community level and she maintain cooperation with various level stakeholders so she can help me. Usually, Sumi arranged counseling session with her family but they were determined to arrange marriage than Sumi informed to WDC chairman, Vice chairman, teachers and female members about situation and they were visited Irin family and discussed the demerits of child marriage but they are also said that, we will arrange marriage in time. In that circumstances ward member informed to Sarishabari Thana police and bridegroom party knows this news from another sources than they were go away from the wedding stage. After that, WDC members again met to Irin’s family and discussed the total situation and her family members agreed to stop child marriage. Finally Irin’s father was able to realize demerits of child marriage and he thanked to all for recovering from the mistake.

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